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The “After Webinar” Webinar: Re-Thinking the Global Bioeconomy

Given the number of questions and interest in this week’s Re-Thinking the Global Bioeconomy webinar, I decided to invite our speakers back for an “after show” to discuss those questions we didn’t get a chance to answer. Our speakers for the webinar were:

Gerry and Doug answered additional questions about bioenergy technologies that they feel are the most promising, especially in the advanced biofuels space; how to de-risk investment in bioenergy and which countries are setting the best example in developing and implementing bioenergy policies. They also addressed a question from a participant who wondered about the projections surrounding EVs. I also asked Gerry and Doug what government and industry need to do better in the bioenergy space.

The “after webinar” webinar is available below. The original webinar can be accessed here.

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